Corporate Investigation Services


With data becoming an increasingly valuable asset its protection is vital and although data security can offer a huge range of services it can be incredibly difficult to protect against all threats.

Maintaining a competitive advantage is near impossible if your competitors have access to your business intelligence, competitors may be able to gain access through a range of digital methods such as hacking and bugging.

They may also be able to gain access to information through members of staff, whether the motivation is financial gain or an attempt to harm the company – The chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link and we are experts at finding that weak link.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations cover much more than just intellectual property and corporate espionage, we often deal with fraudulent claim investigations and help our clients gather evidence to defend themselves.

It is estimated over £2bn is spent on fraudulent insurance claims every year, the ABI revealed there were over 180,000 attempted fraudulent claims made in 2013 for motor insurance alone.

With legal companies offering figures in excess of £150,000 for accident at work claims it is easy to see why many companies choose a private investigator to disprove fraudulent claims, evidence of a victim failing to display their injuries can be vital in court.

Corporate Services

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking

    Our vehicle tracking service lets you monitor a vehicles movements 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with exceptional accuracy.

  • Surveillance


    Our investigators are trained to the highest standards and ready to conduct surveillance operations within 24 hours

  • Lie Detector Test (Polygraph Test)

    Lie Detector Test (Polygraph Test)

    Determine if somebody is telling the truth by taking our Lie Detector Test at one of our offices or in your own home

  • Bug Sweeping

    Bug Sweeping

    The detection and removal of hidden listening or monitoring devices through bug sweeping and counter-surveillance techniques to protect yourself

  • Theft


    Whether it is committed by customers, staff or even directors theft is a threat to companies of all shapes and sizes

  • Fraud Investigations

    Fraud Investigations

    It is estimated that in 2013 alone £1.3b of insurance fraud was detected, that works out to an extortionate £3.5m each day

Previous Corporate Investigations

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  • Corporate Espionage
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Accident At Work Claims
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Background Checks
  • Secret Commissions
  • Process Serving
  • Moonlighting


What If I Don’t Want My Employees To Know?

Our agents are very covert and can carry out a service in a very discrete manner, if you are looking to have a bug sweep carried out we can arrange for the job to be done outside of office hours. If this is not possible we can carry out the service without discussing the nature of the visit with members of staff for situations where we feel the threat may be internal.

What’s The First Step?

Initially we need to talk with any potential clients either by phone or face to face. This is to get an understanding of your needs and expectations and to see whether Reveal Private Investigations can achieve these. There are no fee’s or costs involved for these meetings.

How Does Surveillance Work?

Surveillance can be carried out in a number of ways on a whole number of targets; the chosen method depends entirely on the individual case. Our expertise allows us to choose which method is the most appropriate for your investigation and we will work with you to decide what results you are looking for and how we can help you achieve those.

How Will I Get The Results?

When the surveillance has ben completed our agents will compile a full intelligence report containing a log of all observations including times, locations, pictures and any video evidence obtained. The client chooses how they wish to receive the report.

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