Bug Sweeping Birmingham

Counter-Surveillance (TCSM), Listening Device & Hidden Camera Detection

Using a combination of the latest technology and experience we will guarantee to protect your privacy and keep your conversations safe by detecting and removing any hidden devices. Peace of mind is priceless and we will provide you with that by ensuring our bug sweep is conducted meticulously.
Bug sweeping will determine if there have been any listening/monitoring devices installed in your home, office, or vehicle. We will examine all power sources as well as scan for any radio frequencies to ensure that there is nothing of concern, if we do find anything suspicious we can disable or remove the device and give you an idea of what has been monitored.
We can also teach you techniques and practices to protect yourself from being monitored or subjected to surveillance – if you feel somebody is watching, following or listening to you, we can find out who it is, how they are doing it and prevent it from happening in the future.

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Bug Sweeping

  • Experience Fitting & Removing Devices
  • Discrete & Covert
  • Buildings & Vehicles
  • Latest Sweeping Technology
  • Proven Techniques
  • Disposal Of Devices


Can you trace all bugs/listening deivces?

Yes, we use the very latest bug sweeping technology. We invest heavily in this area and always keep upto date with the very latest equipment and listening devices on the market.

Will my house/office or vehicle need to be empty?

Yes, we require the sweep area to be as quiet and as evacuated as possible. This makes it easier for us to work our highly sensitive equipment to its highest standard.

Do you check for devices in Vehicles?

Yes we check for devices anywhere there maybe a suspicion a device has been planted. this includes all rooms in a house, offices, board rooms, meeting rooms, cars, gyms, receptions, we will sweep anything you have under suspicion.

When can you start?

Do to the highly sensitive nature of listening device cases we can start the sweep within 24 hours. Sometime we can start sooner than this depending on our availability and the urgency of the sweep.

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Worried somebody is listening to your conversations or following you?

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  • An outstanding professional service provided throughout the entire investigation from beginning to end.  The advice, guidance and information I received was fantastic and I could not have achieved such a positive outcome without you and your team, as the end result was just priceless! Therefore I would highly recommend your organisation to anyone if they need someone to provide an excellent confidential service, which is professionally administered and obtains the right information to achieve excellent results. Thank you and well done!

    LM, Solihul

  • When my son’s wife became unstable and left him she took everything including their two very young children. Having been asked to care for them for a significant part of their lives I was worried and didn’t know what to do. When I thought of a private investigator I was so fortunate in finding Reveal. The operatives were extremely courteous, thoughtful, sensitive and helpful. They were fully committed and I developed a great trust in their integrity in the six days they were working. Their results showed the inadequacies of the mother in a way that is helpful to the children who were at the heart of this enquiry, not only for us but for the operatives also. I cannot speak too highly of them.

    HB, Four Oaks

  • Reveal were quite simply amazing! After months of feeling uncertain and sick about what was going on I had clarification within a week of them taking on my case. I had the proof I needed backed up with picture evidence. You never made me feel like I was doing anything wrong, you provided an amazing service, with a quick turnaround and offered me support and updates the whole way through. I wish I had known about you sooner and would happily recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation.

    EW, Tamworth